Sunday, December 9, 2012

Dr. R.G Lee on Jesus' prayer example

Luke 11:1 "It happened that while Jesus was praying in a certain place, after He had finished, one of His disciples said to Him, “Lord, teach us to pray just as John also taught his disciples.”

I'm always thrilled when I run across incredible thoughts from wonderful Christian thinkers, preachers and theologians.  It is important to read what other, more mature persons have written to keep yourself refreshed and strengthened in the Lord.  As a blogger and a pastor, whenever I find such material, I feel it necessary to share it with others, so that they too can get the blessing.  Years ago the great Southern Baptist minister and statesman Dr. R.G Lee wrote a book entitled: "The Bible and Prayer".1   In this book Dr. Lee writes some of the richest words about the Bible and prayer.  May today's post edify you and may you be blessed on this Lord's day.

Note to the reader: If you would like to read a brief bio of Dr. Lee, I have included it at the end of today's post for your reference to give you an idea of what kind of man wrote the words and thoughts your about to read.

Jesus' Prayer Example - by Dr. R.G Lee
Dr. R.G Lee begins with these words about Jesus' use of words: "These are some of the many verbs Jesus used.  But among them all, one word, pray, stands out with unusual significance and beauty. Some of the words Jesus used were mountains in weight, some were suns in brightness, some were rivers in reach, some were music in sweetness, some were storms in terror, some were oceans in depth, some were lullibies in tenderness.  But let us examine outselves around this one sentence of Jesus: 'I pray'....."
To summarize Dr. Lee's observations in this chapter of his book, I will list in outline form the verses and headings he used to unfold Jesus' prayer example:
1. Jesus spent much time in prayer in secret.  Matt 14:23, 26:36; Mk 1:35, 5:16; Luke 6:12, 9:18
2. Jesus prayed in public.  Matt 11:25, 26:26; Luke 11:1; John 11:41, 17:1
3. Privately Jesus prayed before eating. Matt 14:19
4. Privately Jesus prayed before eating. Mark 6:41
5. Jesus prayed a long prayer. John 17
6. Jesus prayed at morning. Mark 1:35
7. Jesus prayed at night. Luke 6:12
8. Jesus prayed short, sudden prayers.  Matt 27:46
9. Jesus prayed for His friends. John 11:41-42, 12:27-28
10. Jesus prayed for His enemies. Luke 23:34
11. Jesus prayed for Himself. Matthew 26:39; John 17:1-2
How you can apply Dr. Lee's observations of Jesus' prayer example
I would encourage the reader to look up the above verses over the course of this upcoming week.  They will enrich your prayer life.  May God bless you as you go to the Lord's house to hear His word, worship with His people and become equipped to reach the world for Jesus' sake.  To God be the glory. 
Brief Bio of Dr. R.G Lee
For many years Dr. R.G Lee was one of the leading pastors in the Southern Baptist Convention in the early twentieth century. Among many of his accomplishments, he was president of the SBC three times. At Bellvue Baptist Church in Memphis Tennesee he had pastored, preceeding his successor, Dr. Adrian Rogers, another late famous Southern Baptist Preacher and pastor of that church for many years. His famous sermon "Payday Someday" (which is now available on You-Tube) was his most famous sermon, preached over 1,000 times.
End Notes______________
1 Dr. R.G Lee. The Bible and Prayer.  Broadman Press