Monday, March 4, 2013

Mon 3/4Poem: The God Who is and is known

The God who is and is known
God in of Himself, uncreated glory
Chose to create everything to reveal His story
He is One in essence, unending and bright
The Eternal God who dwells in uncreated light
He who is One reveals Himself as Three
Father, Son, Holy Spirit - the Holy Trinity
The Father is God who loves
Eternal in His activity
He directs His love to the Son, Equal in Divinity
The Son is the Beloved, with the Father in perfect unity
He is the one who reveals the inaccessible Deity
The Father planned all things in the wonder of His will
with the Son agreeing to perform His work, the cross to fulfill
History was made by the Father and entered into by the Son
To finish in history what in eternity had been begun
The Father and The Son, united in perfection
The Father being light and the Son His reflection
For such Perfect Love to have been in constant activity
A Third Person had to be sharing in the union of Deity
The Holy Spirit is the love between the Father and the Son
Equal to the two, all three being One
The God who is, has revealed in His word
He has sent forth the truth to be spoken and heard
The Spirit opens the truth in the sacred scriptures
Come by faith to Jesus, the source of endless treasures
The Spirit's call proclaims the truth: salvation has been won
The barren cross and empty tomb, Christ's work has been done
The Gospel tells you plainly, make your heart His throne
Praise God Who is and Who desires to be known