Sunday, July 21, 2013

P1 - God's Greatness in Psalms and Romans

Psalm 90:1-2 "Lord, You have been our dwelling place in all generations.  Before the mountains were born Or You gave birth to the earth and the world, Even from everlasting to everlasting, You are God."

In the posts this week I want you and I to celebrate the Greatness of our God.  Psalm 90-106 is the section of the Book of Psalms that celebrates the Greatness of God.  Romans 11 shows the scope of God's greatness in salvation.  Romans 12-16 reveals the Christian life lived in the power of the Gospel enthralled by the greatness of God in Jesus Christ.  

The starting place to see why God is so great - Psalm 90-92
Psalm 90 starts out this section with Moses reflecting on how God is the Satisfying Refuge (90:1-2), the sinner's Refuge (90:3-11) and the saint's Refuge (90:12-17).  When you turn to Psalm 91, this theme of the Lord as the Divine Refuge continues.  Psalm 92 begins by telling the reader that it is good to give thanks to the Lord, with remaining reasons as to why we should give thanks to Him.  

The Sovereignty of God over things great and small is why God is so great - Psalm 93-95
The theme of God's Greatness threads its way through both the Old and New Testament.  Psalm 93 starts out with the simple three word statement: "The Lord Reigns".  From that statement of God's Greatness we see His Sovereignty over His creation in 93:1.   Psalm 93:2-5 reveals that God has been Sovereign from all eternity, demonstrating that God's Greatness derives not from the creation over which He reigns, but from Himself.  God's Greatness in regards to His Justice and Mercy is depicted in Psalm 94.  Psalm 94:19 is of particular comfort for those who may be worrying, since in focusing upon the Greatness of God, God in turn shines forth His glory into the shadows of worry.  In Psalm 95 we come to understand what it means to enjoy this Great God: Put your eyes upon God's Greatness (Psalm 95:1-5) and Prioritize Closeness with God. (Psalm 95:6-11)  

The Saving power of God expresses why God is so great - Romans 11 
Romans 11 depicts God's Master plan of salvation and the ages concerning three programs: His plan for Israel (11:1-10, 23-29), the Gentile nations (11:11-16) and the church (11:17-22, 30-33).  The Greatness of our God celebrated in the Psalms is celebrated to an even greater height in Romans 11.  The overwhelming questions of Romans 11 is: has God forsaken Israel? Is He forever done with her?  The overwhelming answer is that all Israel will be saved at Christ's appearing.  (Romans 11:25-26) God is forever faithful to the Jews and will save them in the future as they by grace through faith believe on Him.  Since God is ever faithful to His people Israel, that means He can never break His promise and faithfulness to the Church in this current age.  

As you turn to Romans 11:22-36, you continue to see God's Greatness in regards to His Master plan of salvation among the Jews, Gentiles and the Church.  The Jewish people have been set aside in this age in order to be made Jealous and longing for their Messiah in Whom they will be believe and be saved at His return.  The Gentile nations are the primary focus of the Spirit's work in this age.  As He calls and convicts each one, they in turn respond by faith and are saved.  Both Jews and Gentiles who get saved in this age are part of the Church.  The Church is God's instrument that is calling forth all Jews and Gentiles to believe and be saved.  

God's Greatness is praised by Paul in a great outburst of worship called a "doxology" in Romans 11:33-36.  God's Sovereignty in salvation, the inerrant scripture, blood bought redemption and reception of salvation by grace alone through faith alone function together to point to God's Greatness.  Romans 11:36 says it all: "For from Him and through Him and to Him are all things.  To Him be the glory forever.  Amen."