Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A Poem - The Trinity, the River of God

The Trinity, the River of God
What a sight for eyes to see
To behold God in Trinity
He is the River of Glory, infinite in length
Whose source is unending, whose mouth is infinite strength
The Father, unending, the First of the Three
Is the Hidden Springs of Deity
The Son, equal, visible and unending
Is the course of this River, infinite and unbending
He is Divine, but also man
He purchased the salvation of the Father's plan
When I behold the river, I see the Son
Equal to the Father, second to none
The blessed Holy Spirit, the third of the Three
Equally glorious in One God the Trinity
He is the mighty mouth which roars in a voice
Calling forth sinners to make a choice
Turn unto this River, have your sins washed in blood
Behold the Trinity, The River of God

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