Tuesday, December 13, 2011

A Poem - God's Loving Christmas Gift

God’s Loving Christmas Gift
Human hatred, an infinite rift
God sent the son, His loving gift
The plan of love, divinely drawn
Sent to a world that was all but gone
This gift was wrapped in a virgin’s womb
A savior to save from sin’s awful tomb
The pain of love, would be of great cost
To seek and save the ones who are lost
Mary would weep at the foot of his cross
God would experience the pain of loss
Darkness that day could never conceal
The loving gift god sent to reveal
The little infant born to die on a cross
To seek and to save those who were lost
The price of love, the gift was spent
He did the work for which he was sent
They pierced his heart, the deed was done
Death and hell appeared to have won
Christmas began at a virgin’s womb
its hope would end at an empty tomb
The price of love, never to die
He can be yours, if by faith you rely

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