Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Great debate: Is the Bible or the Quran God's word

1 Kings 18:21 Elijah came near to all the people and said, "How long will you hesitate between two opinions? If the LORD is God, follow Him; but if Baal, follow him." But the people did not answer him a word.

Debating which is the Word of God - the Bible or the Quran
Years ago I got involved in a ministry whose purpose was to bring the claims of scripture and Jesus Christ to Muslims.  A handful of other Christians and myself met with Mosque leadership to plan what would be an open forum "debate" on an agreed upon topic.  The first topic was to be "Which is the Word of God, the Bible or the Quran?".

The night of the debate had come.  30 other Christians came with me as we entered into the main part of the Mosque.  Men and women were separated.  The main room where we held the debate had a table, a moderator, the speaker for the Muslim side and myself, representing the Biblical position.  I remember praying to God for wisdom and guidance, since the Muslim speaker was a professor at a university.  Both of us each had twenty minutes to present our case, with 20 minutes following for discussion and question and answer.

An unexpected question: what is Betelgeuse?
After each of us had spoken, the moderator opened up the floor for questions.  About 100 men were present, and many of them asked the Muslim speaker and myself several questions.  Then a little boy of about 8 years of age raised his hand.  The moderator acknowledged him, and he asked this obscure question: "Does the Bible or the Quran say anything about Betelgeuse (bee-tle-joose)?"

The moderator looked at the Muslim speaker?  The Muslim speaker shrugged his shoulders.  I began to pray, as well as those fellow Christians who were in the crowd.  Then the little Muslim boy asked the same question again!  The moderator looked puzzled?  The Muslim speaker also was uncertain of the meaning of the question.  As I prayed, God brought to mind Job 38:31 - "Can you bind the chains of the Pleiades, Or loose the cords of Orion?" 

The Bible alone had the answer to their questions
As I thumbed through my Bible, I aksed the Moderator if I could respond to the boy's question.  I pointed out that the text was speaking about the constellation Orion.  I also asked the boy if the mysterious "Betelgeuse" was in reference to a large Red Super Giant Star in the constellation Orion?  The little boy vigorously shook his head in the affirmative.  I told the crowd that in that constellation, there is evidence of stellar activity wherein the gravitational pull of the stars fights against the hot gases pushing against them.  God began to reveal how the Bible described this constellation accurately. 

By the time I had finished, every Muslim was shocked that the Bible had answered a question that the Quran could not address.  For the next three hours every believer in the crowd was surrounded by Muslims asking questions about the Bible.  I can recall hearing comments such as "I did not know the Bible had so many answers" or "I was told all my life that the Bible had nothing to say".  Truly that night God elevated His word above the Koran, demonstrating the Bible to be the Living book of God, and the Koran to be nothing but a book of men. 

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