Sunday, March 23, 2014

A Poem - The Coming Kingdom

A Poem - The Coming Kingdom

2,000 years has come and gone, and we lift our heads on high

Awaiting the Savior to return, our redemption draweth nigh

When He comes, this age will end, the church will defy the ground

A raptured resurrected church, with glory rushing around

Earth's final gasp will usher forth with the coming evil realm

The final rebellion, predicted to be set with satan at the helm

The church meanwhile in glorious bliss will stand to give account

The failures of life will burn away and Christ's work will amount

She will be prepared as a glorious bride to wed her loving Lord

For Christ will had gathered His chosen ones to be in one accord

Then comes wrath, the cosmos shakes, the earth a darkened mass

Quaking, shaking, fearsome sounds, Christ is coming fast

Hording armies will raise their swords to fight the Eternal King

With one swipe of His terrible sword their sudden defeat will ring

The Kingdom Age, a millennium long, Christ will reign supreme

With Satan bound and Israel restored the Kingdom will certainly gleam

The Kingdom will close, Satan released for a final attempt to rebel

To lead a final war against the King, with nations 

choosing hell

The Final Judgment commences, unbelievers raised to


Sadness swells, tears are wiped from saints who are exempt

Heaven and earth will be made anew, Christ and His church shall be

The glorious saints, in resurrected form will praise Him eternally

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