Saturday, May 30, 2015

Sat 5/30An Outline of the Book of Galatians - The Gospel of Freedom

Galatians 5:1 "It was for freedom that Christ set us free; thereforekeep standing firm and do not be subject again to ayoke of slavery."

Yesterday we introduced the reader to the book of Galatians, stating that it's main theme is: "The Gospel of Freedom". After making some introductory remarks and tracing through the epistle this overall theme, the aim of today's post is to offer an outline of Paul's letter. The hope is that the outline with give the reader a sense of how much the Gospel liberates those who by grace through faith trust in Jesus and who continue to go forth in their process of sanctification, preserved by God to the end. 

Outline of Galatians - The Gospel of Freedom
I. The Gospel that "freed" those who believed on Jesus. 
Galatians 1-4

A. Freed believers from this age. ch1

B. Freed believers from self-righteousness. ch 2

C. Freed believers from religious performance. ch 3

D. Freed believers from their past. ch 4

II. The Gospel that is "freeing" believers in Jesus. Galatians 5-6

A. Freeing believers in the Spirit-filled life. ch 5

B. Freeing believers to do good works. ch 6:1-10

C. Freeing believers to say "yes" to righteousness and "no" to the world.
ch 6:11-18 

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