Friday, December 18, 2015

A Poem: The Savior Revealed

The Savior Revealed
The Father Veiled His Son from view
God drew a plan on what to do
The Son and He saw humanity’s curse
Mankind’s sin would only grow worse
A bloodline from Adam and Eve had been decreed
From Adam to Abraham came the Seed
A nation born from slavery’s hate
Israel would grow and exist as a gate
God the Son would open the door assigned
In Mary’s womb God and man aligned
The One Who omnipotent, with worlds at His command
Would be veiled in weakness, with soft infant hands
Omniscience whose knowledge knew no bounds
Would be veiled in frailty uttering cooing sounds
The One who Omnipresent in time and space
Would limit Himself to human space
Though veiled in flesh His deity remained
A cross was his destiny, with blood to be stained
Revealed he was, died he did
The guilt of sin, its penalty rid
He rose and ascended, his body changed
                 The Revealed Savior accomplished what was arranged

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