Friday, August 19, 2016

Discovering your spiritual gifts by way of your abilities

1 Corinthians 12:1 Now concerning spiritual gifts, brethren, I do not want you to be unaware.

Discovering your spiritual gifts
Today we continue on with where we left off two days ago with respect to understanding how one discovers their spiritual gifts. Whenever a Christian wants to discover what spiritual graces or gifts God has given them, it is sometimes helpful to take a spiritual gifts test.  

As you study the Bible's teaching on spiritual gifts, three areas are used by God in developing every Christian: their calling, burdens and opportunities.  In yesterday's post I gave the reader the first part of the spiritual gifts test that evaluates a Christian's gifts in the realm of their calling.  In this particular part of the test, you will be answering questions pertaining to the area of your God-given abilities. Think of a spiritual gift test as a compass to point you in the right direction.  I would encourage the reader to read the next several days of blogs, since today's post is the second leg of the spiritual gift's test - namely the area of your abilities. 

Directions: At the end of each question circle the numbered response that best reflects how you really feel: 1=Never; 2= Once in a while; 3=Many times; 4= Always.  

The Gifts looked for in this test (Look back at the day before yesterday's post for definitions): Missionary, Reformer, Soul winner, Shepherd, Teacher, Leader, Communicator, Exhorter, Hospitality, Helps/Service, Administrator, Encourager, Giver, Mercy, Wisdom, Knowledge, Discerner, Intercessor

YOUR ABILITIES = “What I am capable of doing by God’s strength”  Please circle 1 answer
1. I can adapt quickly to new people or cultures in order to openly share Christ                                                                                      1 2 3 4

2. I can point out to people a possible direction that God might be leading them            1 2 3 4

3. I have no problem sharing the gospel in different ways with my friends/family                                                                            1 2 3 4

4. People tend to confide in me when looking for practical biblical solutions to life                                                                            1 2 3 4

5. I can spend hours studying commentaries that uncover the Bible’s deeper meaning                                                                        1 2 3 4

6. I can get a group of people excited about aiming at and accomplishing God’s goals                                                                      1 2 3 4

7. People have told me that I have a knack for explaining things in a simple way                                                                                  1 2 3 4

8. I can cut away the “fluff” and get to the true root of what’s causing spiritual imbalance                                                                     1 2 3 4

9. I can make my home a very welcome place where you’d want to come and fellowship                                                                     1 2 3 4

10.  I serve best and get results when I’m working behind the scenes or under someone                                                              1 2 3 4

11.  If people are needed to be given tasks to accomplish a goal, I can help out                                                                                  1 2 3 4

12. I make phone-calls, send cards and say words to help people cope through issues                                                                     1 2 3 4

13.  I have been blessed with the resources and willingness to give whatever it takes to God                                                       1 2 3 4

14. I can love the un-loveable, and I find it hard to say “no”                                                                                                               1 2 3 4

15. I can counsel people whenever the need arises to be asked for biblical advice                                                                             1 2 3 4

16. I can recall scripture or biblical examples that have met specific problems or situations                                                                1 2 3 4

17. I can sense when something or someone is either for or against God                                                                                             1 2 3 4

18. I can tell what needs to be prayed for and persevere in prayer until the need is met                                                                       1 2 3 4

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