Thursday, August 4, 2011

Reasons why I run to Christ and the Bible

I want the reader to consider the similarities that exist between the Bible and the Lord Jesus Christ.  These similarities are what drive me to run to the scriptures and to know and meet the living Christ.  I pray that you too will be stimulated to seek the Living Word of the Written word.
The Bible is the Living Will of God
Christ is the Living God bidding me to do His will
The Bible never fails in its message
Christ never fails in His Ministry
The Bible is the lamp searching my heart
Christ is the light shining into my heart through the Bible
The Bible is preparing me for Heaven
Christ is preparing Heaven for me
The Bible never changes and abides
Christ never changes and abides
Satan can't defeat the Bible
Christ defeated Satan
The Bible secures my faith today
Christ has already secured my hope for tomorrow

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