Tuesday, April 17, 2012

God's Golden Honey

Psalm 19:10 They are more desirable than gold, yes, than much fine gold; Sweeter also than honey and the drippings of the honeycomb

Yesterday we looked at this verse and discovered why the Bible is much more desireable than much fine gold and why it is much more desireable than an I-phone.  Today we are going to look at the second part of Psalm 19:10 and see why the Bible is more desireable than pure honey.  Psalm 19:10 is the heart of Psalm 19:7-14.  I pray that your desire for God's word is increasing as we look more into this precious set of verses in His Word.

The Bible is more desireable than the drippings of the honey comb

I'll never forget the first time I tasted fresh honey! It was way different than the honey you buy in the store. It had a sweetness and desireability to it that store bought honey does not possess. I could go into detail trying to describe the taste, smell and look of that honey - but in order for you to appreciate it - you would have to actually sample some!

David would had been familiar with honey. He had been a shepherd before he was chosen as Israel's King. It was common in Israel to run across honey bees in the course of shepherding flocks. Just like the gold illustration, honey is shown in its natural state and then in its final state. People will risk getting bee-stings for a few ounces of the "golden stuff". Once it is gathered, it can be used in baking and for the enjoyment of eating.

Have you desired the scriptures? Have you experienced them first hand in your life? Will you risk a few "bee-stings" of inconvenience to extract the honey of the Bible's words? Do you find their message, their power and their beauty as desireable as honey and butter put on a fresh piece of homemade bread?

Don't be a window shopper nor an admirer of scripture, wear it and partake of it

Don't let your experience of the Bible be second hand. Anyone can admire golden jewelery in a window, but to go into the store and purchase a precious ring for the sake of wearing it is quite another level. My wife to this day still looks at the ring I bought her years ago.

Likewise anyone can look at a cake in a bakery window. But why look at it, or just hear about it, when you can go a eat it! The Bible is God's Golden Honey. It is meant to be "worn", not just admired. Have it adorn your heart, and your life. Take in the Bible through memorizing it, don't just let it sit on a shelf like a jar of unopened honey. Desire and take in God's Golden Honey - His precious word.

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