Thursday, June 6, 2013

P4 Key Golden Verse to the Book of Revelation

2 Timothy 2:15 Be diligent to present yourself 
approved to God as a workman who does not need to be ashamed, accurately handling the word of truth.  

In today's post we will conclude our series of presenting key verses to each of the New Testament Books.  Years ago Bible teachers used to refer to "The Golden Verse" as a means of finding one key verse that summarizes a given Bible book.  This approach can prove helpful when attempting to grab hold of the overall message of each Bible book or the Bible as a whole.  Yesterday's post featured "golden key verses" to the General letters of the New Testament: Hebrews - Jude.   In today's post we will consider the Golden verse to the final book of the New Testament and the Bible: Revelation.  In this post we will also mention some general features of the book to aid the reader in a deeper appreciation of the book.  My hope is that this study has been edifying to you in your faith-walk.  To God be the glory!

Suggested Key Golden verse to the Book of Revelation

Revelation 1:19 "Therefore write the things which you have seen, and the things which are, and the things which will take place after these things."

This verse has been cited for years as a golden key verse due to the three-fold way in which Revelation can be outlined around it's statements:

1. "things which you have seen" Revelation 1

2. "things which are" Revelation1-3 (including 4-5)

3. "things which will take place" (also including 4-5, 6-18)

Revelation 4-5 is included in both "the things which are" and the "things which are to come" due to the fact that the throne room is the very throne room of God the Father and the Son. Being that God sees from His point of view all things as they are and all things being already complete, then past, present and future are going on simultaneously. (compare Psalm 90, 102, 139, Romans 11:33-36, Hebrews 1)  This observation is why I see overlap in Revelation 4-5.

As we look at the book of Revelation from Revelation 1:19, we can say that the book generally progresses from past, present to future.  Though this be the case, the way in which the events of the future (Revelation 6-22) unfold are more in the manner of re-telling a sequence of events in a repeated, "winding staircase fashion".  Simply put, the Apostle John is presenting a sequence of future events in a repeated fashion to give the reader greater and greater detail and to unfold major themes that will culminate at Christ's return (Revelation 19); Christ's Reign (Revelation 20) and Christ's Renewal of all things (Revelation 21-22).  

Truly and significantly the entire Book of Revelation is about showing the Priority and Preeminence of Jesus Christ in the fullness of His being and glory, as well as revealing details of His soon return that give hope in the present and prepares his church for the future.  

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