Thursday, May 28, 2015

God's tender mercies that lead us to worship Christ - Romans 9-11

Romans 12:1 "Therefore I urge you, brethren, by the mercies of God, to present your bodies a living and holy sacrifice,acceptable to God, which is your spiritual service of worship."

Today's post wraps-up what has turned into a series on the tender mercies of God in Romans 12:1. I pray in our journeying through Romans you have found out how great our God is in the display of His tender mercies. Is it any wonder why Paul would use such mercies as the basis for being able to present one's body as a living sacrifice? The mercies we have explored here in Romans represent the much larger expressions of God's tender mercies we find throughout the Bible. We will only have the desire to live the life of worship to God insofar as we recognize how much mercy He has expressed to us. 

We have discovered how Romans is the perfect book to explore the theme of God's mercies.  Amazingly enough there are roughly 70 such mercies listed throughout the first 11 chapters of Romans. We've considered 55 of them thus far in Romans 1-8 and in today's post we will finish up the remainder of God's tender mercies in Romans 9-11. The tender mercies of God we have looked at deal with those mercies which draw us to Christ (Romans 1-3) and which keep us desiring Christ (Romans 3-5) and keep us in Christ (Romans 6-8). Today's post will consider one final heading - namely those mercies which lead to worship of Christ in Romans 9-11.

God's tender mercies which lead to worship of Christ - Romans 9-11

1. Mercy 9:14
2. Identity
3. Israel 11:1
4. Answered Prayer 10:13
5. No shame 10:11
6. Missionary 10:15
7. God's plan 11:12

Romans 9 as a whole deals with the too often neglected doctrine of election, which as we saw in yesterday's post is among the many tender mercies of God. God was under no obligation to choose anyone. The fact that He chooses whosover He wants is described by Paul as an act of mercy. His choosing of Jacob over Esau and Israel over the other nations is His expression of love. He does what He does because of His loving purposes of grace towards those whom He wants. God is God and has the right to be such. By nature God is merciful. Hence His plan of salvation includes gentiles from every tribe and nation whom He has loving chose to display mercy. Missionaries, the proclamation of the Gospel and the call for sinners to believe and repent are God's mission in demonstrating His mercy upon those who otherwise do not deserve it. 

8. Christ's return 11:26
9. God's wisdom 11:33
10. God's knowledge 11:33
11. God's judgments 11:33
12. God's mind 11:34
13. God's providence 11:36

These last remaining mercies remind us of how great our God is. God has been revealed in the incarnation of the Son and thus such mercies drive us to worship Him. When we think of the nearly 70 mercies that we have considered over the last few days, is it any wonder that Paul would end Romans 1-11 with the great doxology of Romans 11:33-36. May we be those who worship Christ and give Him thanks for His tender mercies. 

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