Monday, August 3, 2015

The Comfort of God's Sovereignty in the midst of troubling circumstances

Job 12:13 “With Him are wisdom and might; To Him belong counsel and understanding."

One of the greatest studies to do is to explore the theme of the sustaining of faith by God's Sovereignty. In Job 12:13-25 there is a brilliant star of hope that shines in the darkened sky of the conversation between suffering Job and his so-called friends - namely God's Sovereignty.  Why is God's Sovereignty the brilliant star of hope in Job's life? Simply put - peace is gained in knowing that God is in control.  Below I want to lay out a few thoughts regarding the comfort of God's Sovereignty in the midst of troubling circumstances. 

God's Sovereignty in the midst of troubling circumstances is understood by His wisdom and power
What does Job tell us about God's control in the middle of troubling circumstances in Job 12? We begin with two truths: that God is all-powerful (omnipotent) and all-wise (omni-sapient). God is powerful enough to control all things and wise enough to regulate all secondary matters (events, human decisions, seasons) to their proper and best ends (Job 12:14-15)  Job then describes God's power and wisdom in terms of rendering justice on the evil and suffering caused by people (Job 12:16).  As the all-powerful and all-wise God, we discover that all spiritual and human authority is delegated authority from Him (Job 12:17-21; Romans 13).

God's Sovereign guidance by His word in the midst of troubling circumstances
Not only does God's Sovereignty exercise and grant authority, but He also gives direction to His people. God's omni-potence (God's all-powerfulness) and omni-sapience (God being all-wise) enables Him to reveal previously hidden truths - a process we call revelation (Job 12:22; 2 Peter 1:21)  Job then concludes his speech in Job 12 with the reminder of mankind's frailty apart from God's word and grace (Job 12:23-25).  Unless God is at the center of your line of vision, life's difficulties and disappointments will overwhelm you.  

God's Sovereignty sustains in the midst of troubling circumstances
Job was sustained by His relationship with the Lord.  As we turn to Acts 8, we discover the true backbone of the early church following Stephen's martyrdom.  Despite the increased persecution and heresies of men such as Simon Magus (the Magician), the people of God were sustained by the preaching and demonstration of God's word (Acts 8:6).  The darkened sky of the sufferings of God's people was pierced through by a God-based, Gospel centered, Spirit empowered message.  

I remember a statement made by radio-preacher, pastor and author Dr. Chuck Swindoll on the matter of God's Sovereignty: "Knowing that God's is Sovereign may not answer all of my questions, but knowing He is Sovereign certainly calms all of my fears."  May you and I be God based, Gospel centered and Spirit-enabled.   May we find comfort in God's Sovereignty in the midst of troubling circumstances. 

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