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Understanding the first six chapters of John's Gospel

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John 20:31 “but these have been written so that you may believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God and that believing you may have life in His name.”

The aim of today's post is to summarize the first six chapters of John's Gospel. In times past we have explored John's Gospel is various posts. In recent months we have periodically worked our way through the first six chapters. Today we want to pull together what we can understand about Jesus and His identity, ministry and mission in John chapters 1-6.

I. The Son of God is God the Son

John 1:1-9.

II. The Son of God is God the Son in the flesh. John 1:10-18

III. Amazing Testimonies about Jesus – John 1:19-51

A. Lamb of God = Son of God’s Mission.   1:19-36

B. Christ = Son of God’s Ministry. 1:37-42

C. King of Israel = Son of God’s Majesty. 1:43-49

D. Son of Man = Son of God as Mediator.  1:50-51

IV. The mediator, a wedding, a miracle & you. John 2:1-11

V. Jesus’ cleansing power – John 2:12-25

VI. The enabling power of the New Birth
John 3:1-21

VII. Enjoyment of Jesus Christ. John 3:22-36

VIII. Treasure, Lord, Savior. John 4:1-43

IX. The Miraculous Jesus. John 4:44-54

X. Where Jesus works and your response. 5:1-18

XI. Four truths that save the soul. 5:18-30

A. One Sovereign God, Who is Father.   John 5:18-24

B. One Lord Jesus, equal to the Father. John 5:19-30

C. One revealed book(s) - the Bible. John 5:31-47

D. One Gospel. John 5:24,33-34,40

XII. The Glorious Provider: Jesus Christ
John 6:1-14

XIII. He is Lord before, in and after your storm. John 6:15-21

XIV. God's bread from heaven. John 6:22-70

Closing thoughts
Today we considered the first six chapters of John's Gospel. As we close out today's post, why ought someone study John's Gospel as a whole? In considering the key verse of John 20:31 (see the opening of today's post), we can note five such reasons:

1. Increases trusting confidence in Him
2. Knowing Jesus is the Christian life
3. Persuading others about Jesus 
4. Growth in sanctification or the process of becoming more and more like Jesus

5. Defeating doubt

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